CADCAM & Prototyping Training

Enriching Minds, Harnessing Talents

The School Club Innovation Toolkit Program progresses further with the CADCAM Training that aims to further enrich the finalist’s brilliant minds and harness their talents towards achieving precious skills that would benefit the students in a way imagined.Packing their bags, 5 groups of 25 students accompanied by their teachers, 1 teacher from each schools and 10 1CATS Volunteers took a trip to DreamEDGE training facility in Digital Engineering, Design Centre, Menara Kamal Bina, Taiping, Perak for 7 days; beginning 22-28 September 2014, the participants exposed to the world of 3D design, rendering them with pertinent  skills and knowledge that would transform their mind-set towards attaining a methodology of inventiveness and creativity that would set them way apart from their peers.

The session commences with a generic learning process on the SoildWork application to familiarize the participants with the 3D system.  The participants were later divided into different groups and assigned with specific tasks accordingly.  The students are assigned to work on their respective ideas; while the 1CATS are tasked to undertake work on several generic ideas provided by the trainer.

On the last day of training, the students presented their 3D design/animation through a presentation process and outline that is of industry standard.  This is followed by a Q&A session that render to open up a new point of view in their design processes, especially in building up their problem solving capability.  This is true, as the students have to instantaneously provide solutions to queries or questions posed by the audience.The session ended with the prize giving & certificate ceremony to each students & teachers. The prizes were handed out by Ms. Florence Ki, followed by a group photo session, before the participants depart for home.
























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