YIM Ideation


The YIM Ideation program aims to train students via various thinking methodologies that will enable them to nurture innovative mind-set, harnessing their potential to the fullest. It is a program to develop new ideas that are individual or community driven, ultimately leading to the realization of market-driven innovations.

YIM Ideation process is a program that aims to nurture the inventive side of a student and turn them into innovative inventors. Either via the creation of a new idea or invention and/or an innovative enhancement to an existing invention/idea, the YIM Ideation will push their creativity and imagination towards the boundary of realisation. In addition, the students will need to understand the viability of their idea in the real world, and generate an idea that is not only inventive but is also commercially viable. This we hope will produce nurture both Technological Innovators  and Innovator Entrepreneurs  that will lead our country future to greater heights.



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