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ACEO of Yayasan Inovasi Malaysia

ACEO of Yayasan Inovasi Malaysia

The Continuation of  School Club Innovation Toolkit 2014, YIM Ideation program planned to target 40 schools in Malaysia nationwide in 2014.

I am proud to announce that since we begin of the “School Club Innovation Toolkit 2013” program last year, we received a total involvement of over 19,261 students from 100 schools throughout Malaysia.  We also witness a staggering 3,842 new ideas generated by these students.  It is a very outstanding figure and I am certain that the implementation of this program will pave the way towards realising the vision of an Innovative Nation by 2020.

The activities conducted within the “School Club Innovation Toolkit” program is designed to stimulate, inspire and enhances students’ ability to adopt creative thinking methodology and foster problem solving skills.  The “Toolkit” aims to prepare students with the ability to overcome future challenges and provide them with critical knowledge that will enable them to compete within the local and global market.

It is my aspiration to witness the “School Club Innovation Toolkit” program being accepted and practised in many more schools in Malaysia, and I hope it will be adopted by society as part of a brilliant educational method that is able to nurture a new breed of future leaders that are creative and innovative.  We at Yayasan Inovasi will continue to develop and provide the best educational medium for the benefit of all.

In conclusion, allow me to express my heartiest gratefulness towards Allah the Almighty, whom with his blessing, we are able to sustain and boost our program deliverance via the “School Club Innovation Toolkit 2014”. My utmost appreciation goes to all the parties involved especially the staff of Yayasan Inovasi Malaysia (YIM) that have shown excellent dedication and effort in generating new methods and techniques with the objective to induce awareness, educate and foster a culture of innovation among all Malaysian.


En Muhammad Aziph Dato’Mustapha

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