5 Best Ideas Prototype Showcase during the National Innovation Conference & Exhibition (NICE) 2014

The 5 Best Ideas have been duly developed into Prototypes and the development process incorporates 3D Printing application. These 5 prototypes were featured during the National Innovation Conference & Exhibition (NICE 2014) at PWTC KL but only 3 groups (3 Best Ideas) were present to mend the exhibition booth and talk about their prototypes and ideas to visitors. Witnessing their ideas turned into an actual functional products, serves to open up a new horizon for the students both in their way of thinking and future prospect in innovation.

The 3 winning groups that have been accorded with the priceless opportunity to exhibit their prototypes during NICE 2014 are from SM Imtiaz Yayasan Terengganu Kuala Berang, Terengganu, SMK Tengku Mahmud, Terengganu & SMJK Chung Ling, Penang.  In addition, the students were presented with an opportunity to interact with visitors and explain on their inventions and witness other innovative products showcased during the exhibition.

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